Dear customers

Our company continues tradition of former county janitorial workshops, built in purpose of as good as gold operation of Agricultural Redemption Associations.

Our branch was founded in 1950. In next few years, when various transformations took place and agricultural supply and redemtion companies started to aim their effort to particular sphere, our company started to specialize within the sphere of technological devices used first in cereal storing silos and then in fodder producing plants.

In the beginning we´ve been dealing with maintenance of particular technology, constructed by companies Továrny Mlýnských Strojù Pardubice and Prokop Pardubice only, but as the time ran on, we attempted to develop our own devices. We´ve started production of cereal screw conveyors, bucket elevators and gradually we continued through the descent transport elements (flaps, adapter, etc.) to finally start either the production of aspiration elements (screens, aspiration pipelines, blocks) or production and assembly of steel constructions of halls, depots or shelters.  

In the year 1994, we´ve successfully denationalized the part of public organization concerning our workshop. The company STROJÍRNA TÁBOR ltd. was founded attempting to continue renown of former county janitorial workshops, that is from our point of view and echoes received from our customers successfully reached. We´ve started to aim on the general reconstruction and modernizing of fodder producing plants or cereal storing silos, using customers form of assignment to built each part on our own.

Nowadays we deliver:

project documentation

production and assembly of technological devices of cereal storing silos and fodder producing plants

complete production and assembly of wiring

production and assembly of mensuration and regulation management

conducting of the production process by computer, including it´s software

gravimetric management

pressing plants for vegetal oils (rape, sunflower)

refining and esterification oil technology up to the form of biodiesel


We certainly don´t forget on the subscribers from the sphere of private businessmen and according to the number of sold devices, we can declare that this activity is also being successfull.